My pet constantly penetrates me

My dog has real fixation for me, it’s an animal that will not let me live, and when I say that I mean that he’s always sexually harassing me, I have to do zoophilia with my dog, like it or not, and that’s the way I’m not crazy at first I did not want to and raped me constantly, but now after so much time and try it so often, I have to confess that I like it, but not always, there are times I’m tired and my pet comes to get me to penetrate me, he already has decided that he is going to fuck me and does not retire until I get it.

My pet insists again and again to consummate the intercourse with me, when I am well of forces I manage to throw it but the bastard takes advantage when I am asleep in the bed to slip between the sheets slyly and put the turnip to the balls, there is no one who can stop him, when my puppy is hot just think of fucking and do it continuously, I have the cunt exhausted from so much fuck with this hot and insatiable animal.

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